We NOW have Seven (7) HOTSPOTS LIVE for our Big Country Community

At WesTex Connect our focus today is the same as it’s always been for 21 years — ensuring you have the most reliable wireless internet service experience possible.

Which couldn’t be more important than it is now! As this COVID-19 virus crisis creates an environment where you are likely looking to use any internet service differently. Spending increased time online: tel-a-health, paying bills, working from home, school work on a tablet or learning with your phone at a remote location.

At WesTex Connect we are taking a range of actions to ensure we continue to meet your needs at this critical time. We are ALL in this together!!

In cooperation with the City of Abilene, Abilene & Wylie Independent School Districts, plus other communities & school districts around the Big Country...

WesTex Connect is rolling out FREE WI-FI Hotspots through-out the Big Country for...
** Students needing internet access
** General Public needing internet access
** Telemedicine
** Telehealth

1st) LIVE @ @ PE Shotwell Stadium north parking lot with FREE Wifi. APPROVED & INSTALLED.

2nd) LIVE @ Wylie Bulldog Stadium, (west parking lot), APPROVED & INSTALLED.

3rd) LIVE@ @ Abilene Convention Center (north parking lot), APPROVED & INSTALLED.

4th) LIVE @ Clyde, Texas: City Pavilion @ 106 Cedar, (across from the Clyde Chamber) APPROVED & INSTALLED.

5th) LIVE @ Merkel, Texas: Badgers Stadium, APPROVED & INSTALLED.

6th) LIVE @ Sweetwater, Texas: Sutherlands Lumber (parking lot), APPROVED & INSTALLED.

7th) LIVE @ Stamford, Texas: Farmer's Co-Op Gin of Stamford, APPROVED & INSTALLED.

Bottom-line - All one needs to do is drive into the respective parking lot, stay in your vehicle, keeping the Social Distancing requirements & rules in play, pull up settings on the device, search available networks, log on WesTex_Connect_WIFI, click connect (no password required) & use the FREE WI-FI provided by WesTex Connect.

Tech Reqs: Each location will have ample bandwidth to serve 200-500+ simultaneous users depending on demand. Please call  with any questions! 325-673-1930

500 Chestnut St. Suite 1901,  Abilene, TX 79602
or contact the office for additional information 

325-673-1930 ext 3 (billing dep.)