Service Information

Our service is a line of sight based internet. We place a receiver at the highest point on your roof and point it at one of our towers on the ground. 

Our service is not space based. It does require clear line of sight. Line of sight means, you need to be able to see the tower, and the tower needs to see you. Some of the things that may cause problems are hills, trees, and buildings that block the line of sight.

If you are a renter, You will need the owners written permission to attach the equipment. 

You need to have a correctly wired and grounded electrical outlet. If your electrical outlets are not grounded, you need to contact an electrician. 

We need to have wood on the roof, or under the roofing, to attach our equipment to. This is not a problem unless you have a metal roof without any decking(wood). You may need a quote for additional equipment if you do.

SOME METAL STRUCTURE EXAMPLES: A trailer with a metal awning over it, A metal storage building, RV'S and travel trailers, Houses built from metal shipping containers, and flat roof trailers.  


PLEASE CALL 325-673-1930